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      Hangzhou Huayi Trading Co.Ltd was founded in 1997 with the registered capital of 2.5 million dollars, in the production and trade of tinplate and allied products. In order to match the demand of customer and further the development of the enterprise , we invested a lot those years to expand our business and production . In 2004, we established a beer cap factory , and now it has become the second-largest beer cap manufacturer in China, with the annual production about 11 billion. In 2006, we founded a plant which focus on the production of tinplate and tin free steel with the annual capacity of 100,000 tons. In 2008, we established a tinplate printing factory, which has two British-made color metal printing machines and five coating machines, with the annual output about 50,000 tons. In the year 2011, we become a main shareholder of a coating factory which has thirty-years’ experience in producing both the internal using lacquer and external using lacquer with all kinds of colors, such as white ,golden , clear , silvery and etc. All the lacquers pass the inspection by SGS and achieve the standard of U.S.FDA and EU.

        The ordinary specification of our tinplate ranges from 0.14-0.40mm in thickness, 600-1020mm in width , tin coating in 2.8/2.8, 5.6/5.6, 2.8/8.4, and the temper in T2-T5 and DR8, and we can also supply the other size according to customer's requirements . Our tinplate and TFS are widely used for the food can packaging, such as tomato paste , fruit , vegetable , fish , meat , fava bean , condensed milk and etc., and it can also be used for beverage cans, juice cans , beer caps , CKOs and also for the aerosol cans, chemical cans and paint cans and so on. And now we have six tinplate cutting lines with monthly export amount of 3000 tons , we can tailor the coil based on customer's specification and can also supply you the scroll sheets according to the size of bottom caps or CKO , which will improve the utilization rate of tinplate by about 5%-10% .

        As a tinplate supplier with more than 15 years experience, we are familiar with the tinplate and TFS , can supply you the plain or printed tinplate according to your requirements , and we can make the best availability of the tinplate for you to reduce the cost and increase the profit . We look forward to working with you in the near future to establish a long-term , mutually beneficial business cooperation.

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